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Now that you know how to interior design your home, it’s time to put these tips into action. With a little help from sites like Pinterest and MYMOVE, you can confidently take your home interior design into your own hands. Whether you prefer a style that’s vintage, rustic, or minimalistic, you can use these tips to add interesting touches to your home and make it uniquely yours.


A Phoenix-area home was on the market

S-HOUSE — Make architecture

A Phoenix-area home was on the market for two years. The desperate owners continually dropped the asking price. One day a real estate investor sniffed a bargain and discovered the property was discounted below market value.

Detecting a gift horse, the investor immediately offered $100,000 below asking price in cash with a 10-day close. The owners snapped it up. Just 17 days later the investor re-listed and sold the home within a day at nearly full market value, netting a huge, fast profit.

What changed? Exterior and interior color, of course.

Money on the Table?
No one disputes the role of color in home selling. What can be vigorously debated is why home builders and developers aren’t doing more to take advantage of this obvious selling asset.

Just ask Shawn Hardy, senior vice president and general manager of integrated products at Associated Materials, the parent company for building materials brands such as Alside, Gentek, and Revere.

“Some builders take better opportunity of color than others, for sure,” says Hardy. “A drive through a new development often presents on-trend colors. But frequently the palette is very tight with only three or four colors represented. Why not six or seven colors? It’s an opportunity to broaden scope,” observes the veteran housing industry professional.


Outdoor bathroom

outdoor shower

Decide on function

The first thing you need to do is decide whether your outdoor shower is going to be an outdoor bathroom experience, or simply a place to wash off dirt and sand. The type of function your outdoor shower will perform will influence the type of structure you need to build, the drainage requires, and the location of your shower in your yard.

Check with your council

Before installing an outdoor shower with both hot and cold water, be sure to check the regulations around such outdoor structures with your local council. Some councils require that an outdoor shower meet certain requirements, while other councils have very little rules at all.


Is This What the Office of the Future Will Look Like?

the office of the future contain

As the project team members observed the rapid shift to WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic, they also realized, “In order for workplaces to thrive now, they must make the transition between working from home and going to the office seamless and cohesive,” says Rockwell Group’s Richard Chandler, an associate principal and studio leader at the New York–based firm.

Reflecting how work and life activities have blurred during WFH, for example, recreational components flow easily into a variety of work environments: a large conference area, an open conference breakout space that includes library and elevated seating, meeting rooms that can be reconfigured for film screenings and events, and acoustically dampened huddle rooms. Chandler notes that, during the pandemic, “workplace teams [have become] more fluid and organic—allowing employees to come together to work collaboratively and then separate into small groups or focus on individual tasks.” The diversity of work areas, as well as the inherent flexibility of each, supports this emerging behavior.

Fisher Brothers opened Avenue of the Americas in 1969, and Rockwell Group–specified oak paneling, metal mesh curtains, sculptural chairs, and other elements are in homage to the building’s original midcentury design by Emery Roth & Sons. Rockwell Group also manifested the wellness and biophilia trends that accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, most notably by anchoring with the largest terrarium in the northeast United States, which was created by the AD100 landscape architecture firm Hollander Design. Because “a true amenity offering today has to exist in both physical and digital planes,” as Fisher puts it, tech connectivity is embedded throughout and a proprietary app supports uses ranging from touchless entry to conference booking.

Tenants of Avenue of the Americas have exclusive access to fitness center, and café, whereas the conference center and meeting rooms can be booked by anyone. (As of now, only tenants had pre-booking privileges.) Fisher says there are plans to roll out to other Fisher Brothers buildings. Ease Hospitality is also considering providing third-party services to other commercial landlords. In other words, this concept could just be spread far and wide.


Certified in Plumbing, Electrical Work, and More


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Best Masonry Contractors

Masonry is skilled labor performed by masons who build and create different kinds of structures with a variety of building materials, such as bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, and more. Masonry contractors have the knowledge and experience needed to perform almost any job related to masonry inside and outside your property: Think concrete driveways and sidewalks, pavers, laying bricks, fireplaces, chimneys, and tile and stone installations.

The best masonry contractors are licensed and insured, have highly trained and experienced masons and personnel on staff, adhere to safety regulations set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and are able to provide work references and a portfolio of their work. Check out our list of the best masonry contractors in the industry for your next project.


This Turn-of-the-Century Minneapolis Craftsman Features Rooms That Represent Each Season

Homeowners Adam and Beth, along with their two elementary-school-age sons, were recent transplants from the Bay Area when they bought this 1906-built Craftsman in Minneapolis. It checked all the boxes: historic and charming, yet updated. “We’re not the DIY type who can take on bringing a 100-year-old house up to modern expectations,” says Adam.

While there was no need to renovate, Adam and Beth wanted assistance designing thoughtful, functional common rooms that everyone in the family could enjoy. They also needed to fill out their furnishings, which now felt sparse compared to when they lived in an economic California space. “Our home is a blend of 1906 Craftsman architecture and a modern extension. We wanted to integrate the two styles into a cohesive balance,” says Adam. “Yet we didn’t want to get trapped with a period look, either stuck in the past or too much of today’s fashion.”

Enter Victoria Sass, principal and design director of Prospect Refuge Studios. She first bonded with Adam and Beth over a stack of Japanese design books, and immediately drew a connection between their Craftsman-style home and peaceful Japanese style. “Craftsman and Japanese design aesthetics both have a deep appreciation for craft as art, honesty, and simplicity of material,” says Victoria.

Adam and Beth had already coined their small, quiet sitting area the Winter Room, a space where they practice cello and enjoy an afternoon tea and which, at the time of their first meeting with Victoria, looked out onto a row of gingerbread-like snow-capped houses. “That was when we decided each room should have a season,” Victoria says. “So these ideas cross-pollinated: Japanese design, Craftsman ethos, and honoring the spirit of the seasons as a progression through the home.”

Upon entering the home, you’re greeted by the autumn-evoking living room. The fireplace, which had been painted over many times, was painted Aganthus Green by Benjamin Moore, a minty green that highlights the carved elements, then topped with a slim walnut mantel. The linchpin of the room’s autumnal spirit, though, is the sofa, an ’80s modular that Victoria reupholstered in a playful print, which they jokingly referred to as “Taco Bell–style” upholstery.


The wood frame is the most used construction technique

Wood frame house

The wood frame is the most used construction technique because it can adapt to the traditional styles of each region or to realize houses of contemporary style. Wooden frames are spaced about 50 cm – 2 feet apart, they constitute the structure of the walls between which an insulating material is inserted, such as vegetable wool for example. Wooden frame creates robust and insulating walls of flexible sizes, sometimes further reinforced with an outer layer of heavy insulation. This wood frame construction technique, assembled on site or prefabricated, is both quick and economical to build.



home exterior

There’s nothing like a modern home exterior that boasts clean lines, expansive windows, and an undeniably sleekness. Whether you prefer the look of industrial metals, or would rather the warmth of wood, there are endless modern home styles to love,

and the exteriors are no exception. Plus, the large windows and open-concept layout allows you to showcase your interiors to the outside world, from omitting a warm glow at night, to offering a glimpse into your design scheme by day. Kick your home’s style factor into overdrive and get inspired by these modern façades.

Here, we share a selection of Dering Hall designers’ sleek modern homes, from Alaska to Maine, and everywhere in between.


5 Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas

It may not seem possible, but a cheap bathroom remodel is absolutely attainable. Popular home remodeling culture makes it seem like bathroom remodels must cost five figures and everything must be ripped away and replaced. But resisting that notion is the first step to deflating spiraling bathroom remodel costs and bringing everything back down to earth.

Bathroom remodeling, along with kitchen remodeling, takes its toll on homeowners in terms of misery, unmet timetables, and high costs. Given the staggeringly high cost of bathroom remodeling, it pays to think outside the box and search for smarter and more economical alternatives. After a low-cost and lean bathroom remodel, not only will you have a clean, bright, and functional bathroom, you will have considerably more money in your bank account than homeowners who went the more expensive, wasteful route.

Use Lower-Cost Lookalike Materials
Retaining and refurbishing your existing materials is always the best option for saving money. But if you must swap out materials, inexpensive alternatives often can look amazingly like the real thing. For example, instead of real wood plank flooring, try luxury vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl flooring looks far better than earlier iterations. Innovations such as luxury vinyl flooring and plank vinyl can even fool the eye from a distance. High-definition laminate countertops and quartz countertops now vie with granite for the look of authentic natural stone. Faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tile backsplashes can mimic the look of travertine and marble.

Paint Your Wooden Floor
If your bathroom happens to have a wooden floor, you can rip it out and replace it with a more moisture-hardy flooring, such as tile. Or you can save time, energy, and money by keeping your wooden floor and painting it with a protective enamel. Keep in mind, though, that solid hardwood should not be your first choice for bathroom flooring. But if you already do have wooden floors, this is one low-cost way to keep them around for as long as possible.

Refinish Your Tub Instead of Replacing It
Consider total replacement of your bathtub to be your last possible option, at least from a cost savings standpoint. Instead, try relining or refinishing. Bathtub and shower refinishing is a prime example of the dictum “Repair and retain rather than remove.” If the problem is mainly cosmetic, such as a yellowed surface and some cracks and nicks, you can refinish your shower or bathtub. Alternatively, bathtub and shower liners, never a permanent fix, are not as cheap as they seem. Requiring professional installation, liners will carry you through a few years. Bathtub refinishing, instead, is cheaper and often looks better.

Touch Up Your Tub Rather Than Refinishing It
One step down from refinishing the entire tub surface is a tub touch-up. When your bathtub has nicks, gouges, and peeling paint, but you are not keen on the idea of refinishing the entire surface, you can spot-fix the tub. Some touch-up products, such as Super Glue White Porcelain Repair, are as easy to apply as squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

Refresh Cabinets With New Hardware
Buying and installing new bathroom cabinets can get expensive. A far easier and cheaper way to bring life to your existing cabinets is to strip out the old hardware and replace it with fun new hardware. To make the process even easier, before you buy the new hardware, make sure that its screw alignment matches up with the holes on your existing cabinets. This eliminates the need to drill new holes.