What is Space Planning in Interior Design?

Space Planning in Interior Designing

What is Space Planning in Interior Design?
Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used. The designer then draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones. The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the space. The plan is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement.

13 Points to consider when deciding how to layout your room
Think about the structure of the room, what are the main focal points? These could be windows, fireplaces, doors or built in units. Are they balanced in the room? If not, think about what you can add to the space to help balance the structure of the space. Remember that the human eye is drawn to focal points, and will scan a space when entering it.
Perception of space is based on body size. Different size spaces suit different size people: one person’s claustrophobic box is another’s cosy nest.
Think about the space in terms of volume, eg: if it were a fish bowl, if you add in a sofa, chandelier, sculptures, bookshelves, table, coffee table etc, you displace some of the water. Ensure that you don’t overfill the space.
Aim to create both a prospect and a refuge in each room so you can feel enclosed, but also have a view beyond to the outside or natural world. Using Prospect and Refuge theory in a space can make it more comfortable for the human experience. “We prefer a shelter (refuge) with a view (prospect), because humans have their field of vision to the front (prospect), therefore needing some sort of protection from behind (refuge).”
Plan your furniture with a scale drawing of your room or cut paper shapes to size and place them in the room to work out the best possible arrangement of furniture and accessories.
Ensure that the circulation passageway through a room follows an easy and economic pathway from the door to all the other main activity areas.
Clutter closes down space, so edit your clutter to avoid blocking both circulation and reducing the perceived size of a room.
In large or long spaces, subdivide different activity zones to give definition to each part of the room.
When planning decoration and lighting, work with the principles that vertical lines draw our eyes up and horizontal lines draw them across to extend or reduce the proportions of a room.
Wallpaper with a square grid or tiling a room in squares will give the impression that it is bigger than it is – the smaller the grid, the larger the room appears.
Borrow space from outside by ensuring an uninterrupted view of the outside world. You can also ‘borrow’ space from adjoining rooms by using the same flooring materials.
When furnishing small rooms, blur the edges of the room to break up the lines between floor and walls; draw furniture a little way away from the walls; buy furniture in proportion to the room; choose furniture with legs to give the illusion of more space.
Disguise oversized sofas by breaking up their upholstered surface with a different coloured or textured runner or folded throw.
Now that we know a little more about space planning, lets have a look at some questions that you need to ask yourself before creating a space plan for your own space.

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Questions to ask yourself before creating your own Space Plan
What are you going to be using the space for? Will it be multi-functional? Eg: living/dining or bedroom/study?
How many people will be using the space and will they all be using it for the same purpose? Eg: A family might use the same room; someone may be watching TV, while another reads and another is working.
Do you have any existing furniture that you want to use in the space?
Can furniture be moved into or out of this room from other areas of the house?
How do you want the room to feel, space-wise – open and airy, cozy, minimal, serene?
How much natural light is available and what kinds of lighting will be needed?
What are the focal points of the room and how can you take advantage of them?
Do you need to create focal points?
Do you like balance and symmetry, the unexpected, or a combination?
Is there anything else on your wish list for this room?
These questions will highlight the problems that your space plan needs to solve. Think about these points when creating your space plan and try to find a solution that will work. You might find that you need to compromise on some of the points. That’s ok, you as the designer need to make the decisions that will make the space work best for the client, whether that’s you or someone else.



The best chair There’s nothing quite like unwinding with your favorite book in a comfortable

reading chairs

chair. But when it comes to finding the best chair for reading, we all have our preferences. Some people love nothing more than a style that reclines. Others want a chair with just the right amount of cushion. And there are those who refuse to settle for a design without good back support. Plus, of course, you have to consider the size, layout, and aesthetic of the room you’re working with.

With all of these factors at play, you might feel reluctant to even begin searching for the perfect reading chair. To help make the shopping process stress-free, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best reading chairs on the market right now.


Everly Quinnwayfair.com

A brass frame elevates this navy velvet armchair.



Available in yellow, blue, and gray, this striking design features an oversized cushion along with low-slung arms and a stainless steel base.




5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Floor Plan

The layout of your home is probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make regarding your home. Regardless if you live in an apartment, a condominium or a house, the layout of the rooms and how they flow will largely depend on your lifestyle.  Whether you prefer a single story or multiple stories, and all the bedrooms on the top floor – choosing a perfect plan can be stressful.  Here are 5 tips to help you decide on a plan right for your family.

1.) Choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle.

Sunlight streaming through window in living room at home

In a previous post, we discussed the pros and cons of having an open floor plan.  There are factors you should consider regardless of openness. Factors such as layout of rooms with consideration of family size and ages of children is essential. Most families who have young children like to have the private spaces of the house – bedrooms, and bathrooms grouped in one area of the home.  While families with teenagers and young adults prefer to have bedrooms separated from each other.  If you’re house hunting, these factors will be important when choosing a home to move into. Assess your current floor plan and what the pros and cons are.  You may like it or would prefer to try a different one.

2.) Do you entertain often or rarely?

Many home floor plans are centered on entertaining and welcoming guests the minute they step through the front door. A wide foyer opening into an open floor plan living and dining room and meandering to the outdoors would be perfect for guests visiting. Although, if you and your family are more private and don’t like your full home on display every time the front door is opened, you may opt for a formal living room adjacent to the front door. This will allow guests a place to immediately sit and feel comfortable while leaving the rest of your house private.

3.)    Single story or multistory?

Many families enjoy single-story homes for the quietness of no overhead foot traffic noise.  Some single-story homes or ‘Ranch’ style homes tend to group public rooms in the center and bedrooms and baths are located on the “wings” of the floor plan.  Multistory homes give the added benefit of views to the outside instead of looking directly into a neighbor’s window. Multistory homes also give each family member their own space and room to have privacy over single-story floor plans.

4.)    Do certain functions of your home need special accessibility?

Whether you have a live-in family member that needs extra space to maneuver or children who need extra-wide hallways to run around, consider this factor when choosing a floor plan.  Older homes tend to have narrower hallways, doorways, and often door head heights. Remember renovating or altering non-load-bearing wall locations in the future is an option.  Consider this if you fall in love with a floor plan but your family needs change over the years.

5.)    How much outdoor living do you wish to have?

Your floor plan will most likely include an outdoor leisure area. Whether that is a porch, lanai, swimming pool, or other amenities.  When choosing a floor plan, assess how much your family will use these outdoor leisure amenities. Similar to a large yard, it looks beautiful when you keep up with it, but can look terrible if you don’t.  Ensure you want the added responsibility of keeping up with the outdoor plan AND the indoors at the same time. Deciding on a floor plan can be fun and frustrating at the same time.  Assess your family’s lifestyle and your preferences to how you enjoy living.  With patience, your dream home floor plan will be easier to find than you think! Freshome reader’s how did you choose the floor plan of your current home? Do you like it, or would you change it? Share with us your thoughts.


First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Please Don’t Date Him

Please Dont Date Him

Song Ha Yoon (Devilish Joy, Fight for My Way) is playing Seo Ji Sung, an AI engineer who’s gotten into a rut. She’s intelligent and focused when she needs to be, but her character is well-rounded enough to be silly when she’s scared or when she’s with her girlfriends. Currently, she’s working on a fridge that keeps an inventory of its food and will make menu suggestions, but it never seems to work quite right.

Lee Jun Young (Good Casting) plays Jung Guk Hee, a firefighter who really doesn’t see the need to be as connected as the rest of society. He’s happy with his watch, his cassette player, and his own internal GPS. I’m loving just how sincere and good he is — he feeds stray cats and is always on the lookout to help people in need. The fact that he forgets that he even has a smartphone cracks me up, but also feels like a natural part of his character.



Jeon Ji Ho accompanies and teaches Park Kae In to become a fine woman and helps her get revenge of her ex-boyfriend, Chang Ryeol. Park Kae In, who assumes Jin Ho is gay, she does not doubt to let Jin Ho help her in the bathroom, using sheet mask together even letting him buy her sanitary pads. Funny and surely silly scene!
Just as they got to know each other well, and have already fallen for one another, Park Kae In’s father comes back from abroad and questions their relationship in his home. Ji Ho’s mother also adds fire to their romance, she disapproves of their relationship. Trying to make the best decision for everybody, Ji Ho decides to separate from Park Kae In while keeping watch over her life.
The storyline is not only about their conflict, but also includes some other people’s relationships that spice the drama. Jeon Ji Ho is recognized by his surrounding as gay, he gets some love from Director Choi who posted the design competition and is also gay; No Sang Joon, his reliable staff, who is assumed as his gay-lover by Park Kae In but he isn’t, and Na Hye Mi, a crazy girl who is considered as his fiancee since they were seven years old.
After Chang Ryul and Kim In Hae’s marriage failed, Chang Ryul realized that Park Kae In is his true soulmate, so he begins to approach her again. That complicated relation leads this drama into a humorous and amusing story.


Upcoming Drama ‘Handmade Love’

Handmade Love

Since then, Lee Soo Hyuk has been known and loved for his personality and sensuous image. He started from the movie “Ipanema Boy”. He later on strengthened his career as an actor through playing different roles in the dramas “The King of High School,” “Reasonable Love,” ‘Night Walks, “Town Hero,” “Lucky Romance,” “Sweet Stranger and Me” and more.

His latest drama was “Born Again,” where he worked with actors Jang Ki Yong and Jin Se Yun. However, the actor gained widespread recognition after his impressive portrayal as Cha Hyeong Bin, a detective in the past and a prosecutor in his present, in the KBS2 drama “Born Again,” which aired last April. It was a mystery melodrama that tells the story of three people whose destinies were intertwined in their past lives during the 1980s, and they happen to meet again in the present day.
Now, Lee Soo Hyuk is making a comeback with a new web drama titled “Handmade Love.” Be ready to get your hearts captured once again by his unbeatable charm! The upcoming series will be a romance-fantasy drama that will deal with a Woven, who has come down to earth to heal people with their sorrows and emotions through the use of his handmade clothes.


Bait is a 2012 A group of people get trapped in a supermarket

Bait 3D

Bait is a 2012 Australian-Singaporean 3D horror film. It was directed by Kimble Rendall based on the screenplay by John Kim and Russell Mulcahy. It featured Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin, Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Cariba Heine and Alex Russell.

Back in the supermarket, Josh hears a gunshot and runs through to the others. Kirby has shot Julie and is now holding Tina at gunpoint. Suddenly, a tsunami wave floods the supermarket, trapping Kyle, Heather and Ryan in the car park. The only survivors inside the supermarket are Tina, Josh, Doyle, Kyle, Heather, Steven, Jaime, Jessup, Kirby, Todd, Naomi and Neil. As they try to find a way out of the supermarket, Neil is killed by a 12 foot great white shark. Meanwhile, a second great white approaches Kyle and Heather, who are trapped in their car. A wire in the supermarket starts to spark so Steven turns off the electricity, but drowns after his success. The shark in the car park smashes Kyle’s window, filling his car with water. Ryan, standing on top of wreckage, cuts off a dead woman’s hand and puts it in the water, distracting the shark. Kyle and Heather swim to Ryan’s van, but Kyle lets the dog go in order to save himself at the last minute.

Back in the car park, Ryan attempts to get back to his van using the pipes, but he falls in. Inside the supermarket, the remaining group make a plan to catch their shark. The plan fails due to the lack of live bait, so Kirby grabs a hook and puts it through Naomi’s shirt, using her as bait. Before the shark can attack, Doyle stabs Kirby and saves Naomi, making Kirby the bait. With live bait, the survivors catch the shark successfully.


How to Play Hi-Lo – Your First Steps

Hi Lo Table Layout

House Edge and RTP
We have touched upon the house edge of the card game, but let’s take a moment to explain the details in a little more detail. House edge is included in all games to make sure that the casino always has the advantage over the player. Thanks to the house edge, over the long run, the casino can expect to make a profit. The return to player (RTP) is a different way of expressing the house edge of a game. The RTP is the percentage of all money wagered by players that will be paid back in winnings over the long run. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge. The theoretical RTP of hi-lo could vary between 96% – 98%.

High Low Card Games – Top Online Variations
If you want to play the hi lo table game online, you will find several RNG and live dealer variants that you can choose from. In addition to classic versions of the game, you can find some interesting variants. For example, Hi-Lo Switch gives you the option to change the base card. Another interesting variant is Playtech’s live game. This version is played with a real dealer, and it offers various different types of betting options and payouts. Hi-Lo Premium likewise features similar bet types. We have listed the main advantages of playing high low online:

Convenient access to real money games
Choice of classic and innovative game variants
Play with real dealers from your home
Get extra playing time with bonus offers
Play the game on your mobile phone or tablet
Wide range of betting limits to suit both low and high stakes player
The game is available at most online casinos. To help you decide where to play, we have tested and reviewed casino sites to find the best options. In the following section, we will reveal the top hi-lo casinos. We will also explain how we rated operators and what makes them a good choice for playing the card game.


The Legendary Witch my drama activity

The Legendary Witch

If you followed my drama activity for quite some time, you would know that I am almost always in quest of new dramas to watch (these last few months being an exception over the 5-6 yrs I have been into Kdramas). I was lurking on Viki, when I saw a drama about 4 women, prison and bakery. So, of course I was intrigued. I decided to give it a try, at the time when that drama started and wasn’t popular at all (there were some heavy titles airing at the time, and the subbing team had a hard time subbing everything at the same pace).

I enjoyed this drama, and so I really wanted to post a review on it, even if it would be weeks later. The story manages to blend non-traditional elements like jail, with the very common drama elements like crazy in-laws, romantic comedy, revenge and more hidden truths. The Main Girl, Moon Soo In, is seen arriving at the Women Jail in the first episode, after having been sentenced 2 yrs for embezzlement. There, she meets her jailmates, Shim Bok Nyeo, Son Pong Geum and Seo Mi Oh. The four women will soon become like family to one another, and face life events together.


Everything you need to know about the time-twisty finale of ‘Dark’ season 2

Dark season 3 มาแน่ มาพร้อมกับตอนจบของหนังเรื่องนี้

Netflix’s second season of “Dark” took concepts of time travel paradoxes to new depths, and threw in a last-minute twist of potential alternate realities and worlds.

From the confusing struggle between Jonas and his own older-self to the Biblical and mythological references planted in the characters’ story lines, let’s dive into everything revealed on “Dark” season two and what it means for the coming third and final season.

The revelation that Noah was a pawn of someone else all along

The first season of “Dark” set up Noah as the villain of the series, a man seemingly embattled in an eternal fight with Claudia for control of time travel. But season two revealed that Noah was a believer in a larger prophecy and a leader named Adam (who’s really an older and disfigured Jonas). More on Adam/Jonas in a bit, but first let’s explore what we know about Noah now that the second season is complete.
As we learn on the third episode of season two, “Ghosts,” Noah once worked under Claudia but something went horribly wrong in their relationship.

When Claudia then implies that this entire confrontation is just one more predetermined event, Noah tells her he’s no longer her “pawn.”

“But you’re still one of Adam’s,” Claudia says. “The paradise he’s promising you is nothing but a lie. He’s selling you the illusion of freedom. Ask yourself if you are really free. If you were really free, you’d have a choice. Do you have a choice?”

Noah then shoots and kills Claudia, though we see this Old-Claudia more later on the season because she was bouncing through time prior to her death. (At least, that’s our assumption. Is it possible there’s a second Claudia around, just as we saw a second Martha? Again more on that later.)

Noah finds something troubling in the pages of notes he finds on Claudia, and travels to 2020 to speak with his daughter, Charlotte. Despite his previous devotion to Adam and the prophecy, Noah is now breaking faith with Adam. He tells Charlotte that he only did the awful things (like kill children) “so that it will one day no longer happen.”